Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tea Party

All the women who came on this party are the person that care of women and hijab.

Keynote Speaker: Budy Utamy

Salon Fail

Me and my friends are really want to go to salon for some treatment like hair cut or creambath but salon is closed :( finally we just took some picture in front of the salon :D
By the way, we don't know why we all wore jumpsuit! (Gak janjian padahal :P)

At dila's house

Dila, Ana

What i wore: Grey Jumpsuit (RUMOD), Shawl (Naughty), Tie Dye Sandals (FLY).


Maxi stripes, black boots (Nevada), brown jacket (Corniche)

Happy birthday to me :) December 30th

Had a dinner at bread boutique :9

Happy 21st birthday to me :)
There are soooo many wishes and i hope it'll be happen. Aamiin O:)

Happy birthday to you :) December 15th

I made it my self :P
No, actually, i made design for the cupcake then i order to the cupcake shop. I choose the keyboard because he's a keyboardist. And you know, he mad at me because the man in the cupcake is fat :P just kidding honey :P. And no, he's not really mad, he's just kidding too. He loves thaaatt yay :)

Happy 22nd birthday dear :)
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